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Succeed your project organization

We work closely with the Owner’s team in setting up the project organization and in the decision making process with functional responsibilities as defined in our scope of services.


Assist the Owner in organizing its project team and in dealings with any parties that involve in the project development, from the initial program brief until the final handover and the settlement of the project accounts.

This assignment is an advisory role to the Owner for any approval request submitted to them, and responsible for leading and facilitating to the Owner the understanding for all aspects of the design and construction process for any given project, and for building out the project on time, on budget and within pre-established quality parameters.

We focus on the accuracy of information for healthy validation process.

Value Proposition

  • Effective project organization,
  • Reliable services provided by the project participants,
  • Reduced risks by the anticipation of decision making,
  • Elaboration of your project in a given time, budget & quality.

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