Optimize your Investment

Succeed your real-estate development

Fully integrated into the Owner team, our role is to maintain substantial interface with the Owner’s partners, the investors, the consultants and the company platforms & services.


Represent the Owner in dealings with any parties involving in the project development and/or renovation, from the acquisition and initial program brief until the final handover and the settlement of the project accounts.

Provided with a proxy from the Owner, we act as Owner Agent and hire contractors and provide approvals on behalf of the Owner to fulfill its obligations in respect of the overall management of the program.

However, we informs beforehand and regularly the Steering Committee of the Owner, of which we are member, to obtain a validation on key points of the project.

Value Proposition

  • Leadership in the project administration,
  • Control of the program and the validation process,
  • Efficiency in analyze and synthesis for resolutions,
  • Agility, resilience, and effective decision making.

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