Create your sustainable competitive advantage
Engage your organization in the long term

Corporate Strategy

We assist our clients in :

  • the identification of strategic issues by integrating their sectorial, technological and functional dimensions in a specific environment,
  • the definition of the business model and its perimeter to ensure sustainable profits the company,
  • the reflection to delay the imitation of the business model by competitors,
  • the choice of resources’ allocation (financial, human, technological) that engage the company in the long term and give it a sustainable, decisive and defensible competitive advantage.


We accompany our clients in implementing changes in their activity perimeter (diversification, horizontal and/or vertical integration, outsourcing) in different ways:

  • internal growth or organic growth from the company's own resources,
  • external growth, which involves the acquisition or merger with other organizations,
  • alliances or partnerships, which seek to establish collaborations with other organizations.